Friday, September 12, 2008


Well...I just got a message about traffic jam from a friend of mine and all of a sudden I thought of applying some jam to my blog. So simply my topic becomes "TRAFFIC JAM" .

When we think of this term , few of us may get real time head aches! But what I am pondering is that why do not we call it a traffic 'butter' but a 'jam' . In search of the answer I tried to adopt many frame of minds.

Say for instance :

A Physicist would say " Under STP(standard temperature & pressure), jam is more viscous than butter and now a days traffic is really dense so its better if call traffic 'jam' rather than butter."

A Philosopher may say " Our minds come to a halt just like you are drowned in a sea of jam but butter is slippery ! You can easily come out of it. Thus 'jam' is apt."

An Indian politician may say " Mere deshwaasiyon!!! Mujhe hindi bhasha se atyant prem hai. Is kaaranvarsh tiiiiiiirrrafffffiiiiic jam shabd ki upyogita sahi hai kyunki angrezi ka yeh shabd( 'jam') humaari hindi bhaasha ki ek shabd 'jaam' se paryarvaachit hota hai. Yeh humaari hindi bhasha aur sanskriti ko vishwa bhar me prasidh karega!! "

A Software Professional may say " The User Interface of the jam looks better coz the molecules which act as the back end variables are more stable and intact in case of 'jam' rather than that of the 'butter' " :-)

A Cricketer may say " A jam producing company would give me more lucrative offers for endorsements than a butter producing company(for eg : Kissan vs Amul). Definitely I will go for traffic 'jam'. "

All the above did not give any satisfactory answer but when I just got myself naturally , I got the answer - The RECKER inside me shouted ,"Oh Bhai ! Chaar saal butter khaa ke apna pichwaada itna mota kar liya hai... Oh bai Pllllljjjjjjjj!!!!! is traffic ko toh 'jam' hi rehne de yaar!!"

Anyways, the city in which i live in ,i.e, Bangalore, has the most horrifying problems of traffic. And believe me even the injection of several METRO trains won't solve this problem as they are not connecting the thickly affected areas with the metro(Whitefield , electronic city,etc) perhaps because these regions are at least equipped with wider roads in compare to other regions of the city.

Hmmm....without getting more disappointed by thinking of traffic , I would like to dedicate this article to all traffic victims of Bangalore and put a halt to my thought process!!

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Beanie said...

HAHAHAHa...seriously dude...Put a halt to your thought process..You could have just replied to my message with a much smaller version of this, and I could have understood what you wanted to say...Anyway, I will keep messaging you everyday, so that you will get a new topic to think over.