Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When you learn the unspoken language

We stay in a country of complex and beautiful equations. Complex because it will take a lifetime to actually know this place absolutely and beautiful because the variables of this equation are just too many and too dynamic. Being precise, the variables iam talking of are geographical features, colour, food habits, philosophy for living, culture, history, wealth, beliefs and of course language. These changes as fast as u can not imagine. You just can not take an average of all these as the resultant will be quite misleading. Anyways , my objective here is not to get a consent from the readers about the only country that i know. So just let me present what i intended to !

I talked of the "variables" because one of them is highly fascinating - The Language ! Nope.. you are absolutely wrong if you are thinking that iam gona highlight the linguistic diversity existing over here. I wont deviate from the heading i have posted although my efforts till now were to just make you comfortable with my way of writing . Beleive me you will now understand better if you have got whatever you have come across.

Allright thanx for ur patience and just gather a bit more of it because i wana you to go through the following:

Hmmmmm.....this is what happened today. Wait...iam not going to tell any extra ordinary incident but what happens in our daily life.

1. I am riding the bike(karizma) and a guy looks and says " U really turned my head by 180 degrees" and i replied " I know that"

2. I am walking across the street and a gal passes by , she says " Hi Sexy!" and i replied "Tell me something new"

3. I am returning back and one guy says , " Nice hairstyle boy" and i replied "Thanx"

4. I was having tea at a bakery and the gal says " So u think iam attractive?" and i replied "Yes definitely"

5. An old woman came across and said " I miss my son" and I replied "He must better than me"

6. The shopkeeper said "Just a tea? Get me more money ...pls buy something else too" and I replied "Gimme a break!"

The above conversations actually did not happen! Was i goofing you all till now? NO!!! This is what they said and i replied without uttering a single syllable.. it was the most beautiful language i have known and which i am still learning...that has no script vocals but just the interaction of was through EYES!!! And here comes my point , the unspoken language I was talking of! If you agree with me or if you have experienced the same you will enjoy the forthcoming words and if you are willing to press the 'X' button of this window then do come back when you start feeling what i said!

Tell you what....this is amazing and it just makes every moment special and worth learning.Well just imagine in office if you can read ur manager eyes saying "Can you do an overtime today?" or reading ur friend "iam really upset " or may be your girlfriend saying " i love you"....interesting rt? Hmmmm...we do read the body language and study others but only of those who are close but if you just can start reading others I am sure you are gona enjoy each second especially if someone is around you. I am not saying of getting bothered about others or thinking about how people percieve you ... its all about communicating which is ecstatic once you are good at it! We humans always have something more that is visible and written ...this is just one of them. Its yet another way of getting connected .....i meant connected to yourself!

Enjoy this in case you are convinced with me and you start trying it out. I dint try to be persuasive but just shared what i believe in and what i have seen :-)


Beanie said...

Hey Sam, A nice one. You know what?? I had always believed in the "Unspoken Language" but I have not been able to so frequently strike a conversation with this language. There has been instances, when I felt, it does really exist. Of-course, the other person has to believe in this as well.. What say??

sam said...

I will tell you one can actually force people speaking this to you... :-) try it out but dont start staring! ;-)

Beanie said...